artisan crafting

of larger-than-life pieces & props

If you’ve ever seen a giant golf ball while watching a PGA tournament, chances are it came from Flatfork.

Specializing in foam sculpting, Flatfork creates enormous pieces while including the tiniest level of detail. Why foam? Where wood can fail, the closed-cell structure of the foams used at Flatfork are essential to prohibiting water intrusion and eventual decomposition of the work. It’s also lightweight – less expensive when transporting and easier to install as needed. We can also install LED lighting and moving parts.
Static props and sculptures aren’t all we do – we’ve created spectacular Hollywood-ready immersive, theatrical environments and interactive art intentionally designed to encourage people passing by to take part in an experience. When you want your event or space to be memorable, photographed, and importantly, shared, things at out-of-this-word scale  are key way to get exposure.
Our team of Master “Makers” use casting, mold-making, and foam carving to build 3D pieces for all kinds of purposes; always weather-resistant for exterior use, yet lightweight and easy to install.
Event Planners, Prop Wranglers, and Curators of Curiosities all come to the artists at Flatfok Studio when they need that special extra-large something. Most pieces average 6 weeks in production, depending on complexity.
Let’s get your project into our production queue!

Faith Schexnayder from KLRU Collective on Vimeo.
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